Argh! HEIL indoor electric unit needs info! age, etc

I’ve searched and searched. Found plenty of pdf files with serial code info, but none like mine. First off it’s blowing cold air which is most likely the 5kw heat strips. Have had strips replaced like 3 times! I thought they only get used with aux or emergency heat? I’ve never used either of those two. Why would they keep blowing? But secondly I’d like to find more info on this old beast. Can anyone help?

model: NAXD012AH02
style: 10ibh-470083
serial: Y413 32895

10KW @240 volts

Seems like you have looked many places .
Some times it is easier and quicker to call in an expert to have it properly diagnosed to find out the problem

Now that I’ve looked, there’s another place on the unit that has completely different #'s. More on the lines of serial # H404720… So sometime in the mid 80’s i presume.
model: NEBF047AK01

This mean it’s a 4 ton unit?

Seems there’s another area on the unit with serial #'s, etc.
model NEBF047AK01…which i presume is a 4 ton unit?
serial: H404720…which i presume is from the mid 80’s?

Anything else that could get me a pdf user manual online?

thanks for the wonderful words of wisdom

based on standard serial number coding for Heil that would be the 33rd week of 1941…uhm…that doesn’t sound right…

H404720 - 1984

h = 80
4th year of decade