IRMA-Your Good, Bad & Ugly HURRICANE Updates

Hello to all:

I hope you are all doing well. Well we lost power before 9:00 pm.

Since then I have set up a small generator OUTSIDE, barricaded by 2 50 gallon or so drums and a small sheet of plywood. It is sitting on a rubber mat at least 1/2" off the steep up from the sidewalk mostly under the overhang and plenty of breeze with the exhaust aimed away from the house. I think it is safe and we have gas /fire /smoke detectors but I will stay awake while the wife sleeps and work in shifts.

The Good So Far:

Refrigerator / Freezer Working
Cell Phone Charger Working
One Computer Plugged In, One on Battery
Online Due To Cellphone Hot Spot
Electric Cat Box Operating
70"+ T.V. and Satellite Still Working. Found 60+ Channels Most HD on Free T.V. I just set it up tonight for when Sat goes.
Super Bright 40+ led desk lamp lighting living room and kitchen.

The Bad So Far:

Power out all over South Florida
NO A/C I’LL Be Working On That During the Daylight :smiley:
No Fans
Getting a little warm for my tastes :shock:
One Cat Bolted out of The Garage BUT She Lives Outside and Will Come Back When It Gets Nasty Enough :smiley:

I wish you all the best and lets keep in touch. What else do we have to do.


Thanks for the updates , Keep your family from harms way

I agree thanks and hope you are ok Thanks … Roy

We Survived :smiley:

Got power back just before dark durring the street party we were all having on our block cooking up thawed food after we spent all day helping each other clean up all the damage and such :slight_smile:

I LIVE IN A GREAT HOOD…Well at least our street is great :smiley: