Back to the ice ages

I am in the upper most corner of West TN and we got hit hard by the ice storm. I am on day 3 of no power, our house is all electric with a well. Generators are coming in to about three different stores about 200 at a time and selling out within an hour. Now everyone is pre-selling. I was able to grab one and have spent about a grand to get everything operating.

We have a built in pool which we leave open all year round. Well no power, the pool froze and all the piping, so I am afraid there will be alot of expense. Lost most of my trees. I have some family in Ky and they have been told it could be at least a month before they get power. We have been told at least a week to two weeks… Even with all that we are blessed to not have had more damage. There are many who have lost loved ones, had fires, etc… Think of all those in these areas because its not getting any better any time soon. Will check back in when possible. Ben Kelly.

I can only imagine,as I know you guys down south freak on a few inches of snow.
Schools close,preachers tell end of the world versus,everyone spins on the road and wonders what a snow shovel is.

Welcome to our world. :slight_smile:

Bob, why would you say haha to this? I don’t get the joke. Wanna fill me in? People have died in this storm and all you can say is welcome to my world? Cmon Bob, you can come up with better than that. Hang in there Ben, and good luck.

Sounds like a real mess Ben…hope the weather warms FAST for you…

I was wondering the same thing…

Dug out my truck yesterday. The top seven inches went easily–slid off the ice very well.

Then came the ice layer–about 3/4 inch thick.

Fortunately it was on top of 3-4 inches of snow, so it broke apart sort of easily.

Then the bottom 3 inches were swept off. There is still a coating of ice on the truck finish–I’m not going to try to remove it.

Warmer weather is predicted to come around Wednesday or Thursday–that should get rid of the ice.

Driveway’s a mess though. I’m not cleaning that off. The driveway slopes a lot and the base coat is ice, of course, so I’ll leave the snow on it to gain traction.

So far it has worked well.

Ben I feel for you I well know about ice storms those turkeys up north that just see snow don’t have a clue what a real ice storm can do. My brother a couple of years back was without power for 30 some days and he was on well water also. I have been lucky through the years power lost for no more than a week.

Bob E I am ashamed of you???


Hope things turn around for you fast. Things (pool, plumbing, roofs, houses) can all be replaced, I hope you and your family are all OK.

Bob - WTF !!!

This isn’t some snow falling in Vegas. While it is amusing at times, for us northerners, to see some in the south deal with cold and/or snow flurries, this is not one of those times. Besides not having the tools (plows, salt, shovels, etc) to deal with a little snow, this storm was, as Ben put it, like an ice age. I know I sure wouldn’t want to be stranded in a home without power or water for a couple days, let alone a couple weeks.

Well it never got as bad as what you are suffering through in New Jersey but the weather is why I finally moved to Florida. Once you get dug out it is something you might want to consider for the future, houses are super cheap now. Hope everything is back to normal for you and your family soon.

That is tough to take Ben and I thought a little ice damming was a pain.

I hope it gets better soon.

Ben, I feel your pain, hope it will get better and warmer soon, and hope the family is OK.

I went 3 days without power here during ice storm of 98.
Lost food, lost my tree, so I could keep warm, and cost me $1000 for a generator that I received 6 hours after the power came back on.
It has been in my garage ever since just in case I need it.

Take care.


Here in Missouri, they were originally calling for that storm to hit us. Fortunately for us, it stayed to our south. In that ice storm of 98, we lost power for 5 days…you don’t know until something like that happens how dependant your entire life is on electricity. IT SUCKS! Hang in there, Ben.

Speaking for all of the ‘turkeys from up north’, we had our baptism in ice in 1998. Most of eastern Canada and parts of New England were without power for up to 2 months. Quebec had hundreds of main transmission towers ( not poles but those huge metal towers) collapse. The power system was destroyed and took almost a year to rebuild.

My area was without power for 17 days. My house was surrounded by 22 fallen Maple trees. Well almost surrounded as several fell on the roof and crushed it. The saddest thing of all was the families who died because of Co poisoning when they ran their generators inside garages or beside open doors.

Be careful Ben. Help is on the way. Ontario Hydro has just dispatched all the trucks and crews we can spare. It is pay-back time. The Men from Michigan put my lights back on in '98.

Hey Ben
Best to you and your family. You and your family will be in my prayers.


Hope all is well quick.

My Dad and oldest Son are in Oklahoma. Both hit fairly hard with ice, neither lost power.

Houses are cheap everywhere down here…