Is a ladder required?

New construction has a small furnace over the garage loft however there is only a scuttle hole. i measured the hole opening and it is big enough to barely (1" larger) be removed. Should there not be an attic ladder? I just can’t seem to find it in building code.

Oh. and as a side not the builder had forgot the insul. in this area. only a 1/2 mil $ home.:roll:





Richard, if the furnace is above the garage, there has to be fire resistant stairs if there are stairs, other wise, 5/8th. sheetrock access cover, and here in AZ, they do not install insulation over garage ceilings either.

What is the picture of the fold down stairs?

No ladder required in the code. Access must be 22" x 30" minimum. I have stated that replacement of HVAC equipment will be difficult or impossible due to the current size of the attic opening.

Sheetrock is cheap Joe, if they need to rip out the Air Handler, rip out a two foot by what ever chunk----:D-:D-:D-:smiley:

I agree with Dale…what are the pull down stairs for in picture #1?

That would be an attic ladder.

Green for you Mr. Bell…dammit, it would not let me give you another one, it said I have to give some reds first…I’ll go to the electrical section, be back in a sec.-----:lol:----:lol:----:lol:

I’ll take a couple reds Dale …i have not gotten one in 15 minutes or so…of course that is the last time I was in the electrical section also…:twisted::twisted::twisted:

Sorry. I thought I taken a pic of the scuttle hole but included the attic ladder in the other side of the house.

I agree Dale, we don’t put insulation over a garage either as long as it is not connected with a conditioned area. This is a garage loft type deal with AC and a bath.

Hard to believe the builder can’t spring for a ladder on a 500k home.:roll:

Sad part was that the scuttle hole was 23" wide while the furnace was 22" wide. Gee, I wonder if that drywall going to get dinged later on.

The TS must be a Po’Dunk Inspector…500k isn’t that much anymore. Don’t expect more from a builder just because YOU think it’s alot of money.

I had a house a while back where they had cut an access hole in the gabled roof, then covered it with vinyl siding. All this to replace the attic-mounted air handler.