Attic Pull Down Stairs

Just curious…On NEW construction. Do all of you call out attic stairs if they are installed backwards? In other words you have to turn around and be a contortionist in order to access the furnace. I do . Your thoughts please.

Generally, just for using drywall screws instead of nails, as called out on the instruction sheet that is glued to the cover, and for a non fire rated cover, may see 2 out of 100 that are fire rated, but they will fire caulk the holes that the romex and phone lines run thru, go figure.

An interesting potential can of worms.
Lots of theoretical Q’s & A’s like;
How were the placement of each indicated in the prints?
The framer was there before the HVAC sub so the stairs were most likely there first so who would be held to the fire??Were both trades limited by space above and below?If you turned the stairs do you then walk immediately into the furnace?
We would all agree that access to equipment is vital but in the case you are discribing,and without being there,It sounds like the unit is accessible albeit difficult.
Personally,I would make the potential homeowner aware of its difficult position but not call it out as a defect .

New product from Werner in latest JLC.

that is a nice product!!

No. Who am I to say it’s backwards? Don’t want to get in a pi$$ing match with the builder over stuff like that.

I have called out an equipment deck that is not large enough to allow for you to safely access the furnace.

I will report a light switch in the attic that is on the wrong end of the stairs.
Did a re-inspection today where the builder moved it to the right place.

Same here on light fixtures at the top of the attic ladder. As soon at the person enters the attic they are hit in the face with the bare light bulb. Someone with a box could easily break the bulb, showering glass onto themselves. All one has to do is break one once with their noggin to know it isn’t fun.