Is Chinese drywall in your home?

WOW!! What next?? Saw this posted on another board:

Another great product from the emerging (emerged) manufacturing superpower! Apparently this crap is off gassing sulfur. Unbelievable the recycling these people do, waste from coal-fired plants??

Let’s see, melomine in baby formula, lead in the paint of more products you can count, corn gluten spiked with melamine and cyanuric acid, melamine in pet food, tainted wheat flour, puffer fish relabeled as monk fish containing Tetrodotoxin, toothpaste with diethylene glycol, etc., etc., etc. I’ll bet many of you do not realize just how many supposed American manufacturers make the products in China and slap English labeling on them? Next time you’re in WallyWorld count the number of “Made In China” products there are!

For now the drywall appears only to be reported in Florida. Has anyone elsewhere heard of this drywall in use in their area?

“Those materials can leak into the air as gases combine with the moisture on an air conditioning coil to create sulfuric acid, which appears to be dissolving solder joints and copper tubing - creating leaks, **blackening the coils **and even causing the system to fail, Reid said.” From above article.

I remember a thread about black copper piping. Wonder if this Chinese drywall is the source.

Thanks for the article Emmanuel.


Your welcome! Just amazing some of the products that are made these days.

Yes I also remember a thread and ran a search:

In this thread someone emailed who indicated contact with a sulfur compound.

And another:

On the other board someone made a comment about this issue affecting copper electrical wiring. Made a real scary point too!!

I remember when it was coming through Port Canaveral in the mid 90’s. The product was hell to work with. The next time I am at the port I will have to look and see if it is coming in again.

It may not be restricted to Chinese import.

Scrubbers in coal fired power plants produce gypsum and you may find a Sheetrock plant right next to the power plant.

Our process may get the sulfur out, but the gypsum was initially used to get the sulfur out before it goes up the stack.

These “scrubbers” are mostly produced in Canada, and we use them here.