sulfar drywall from china?

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<A href=“”>Tampa Bay Home Inspections</A>. New problems with Sulfur in drywall from China.
It has been reported that drywall imported between 2004-2006 from certain areas in China, can release sulfur-like odorous components. These compounds can corrode air conditioning coils and other copper-bearing materials, causing them to be replaced repeatedly. It has been determined that the problem is related to presence of iron disulfide. There have been reports that large quantities of drywall produced in China were kept on sea barges for months awaiting permission for importation to the USA. This drywall has a higher than typical density and a higher propensity to off-gas sulfur compounds.

Drywall is usually made of gypsum (hydrated calcium sulfate). Therefore, sulfur is one of the main components present in the sample. All drywall has sulfur in its elemental composition; therefore the odor is not explained by an analysis of the total sulfur content.

<A href=“”>Tampa Bay Home Inspections</A>.Offers our expert opion or questions on this matter. The extent of the indoor air quality issues related to this is still unclear. EPA is currently investigating the severity of the problem. However, it is well known that exposure to sulfur compounds can create irritation and breathing disorders. Also Sulfar has been damaging aircondition unit coils. This damage can ruin an A/C unit in as little as 6 months. Contact us at

Drywall may be to blame for homeowners’ illness
Sunday, January 18, 2009
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yup we have some up here in Washington State, turns copper wiring black. we are trying to setup with a local lab to do air sample monitoring when we find the clues and the people have the symptoms