Is Prolab processing Nachi renewals?

I received a phone call about a month ago from a woman identifying herself as being “from NACHI” asking me if I wanted to renew my NACHI membership, I knew it was about due so I said ok and gave the woman my credit card information. I was driving so I didnt get her name.

Today, I get a receipt in the mail from ProLab in Fla. They processed my credit card for my nachi renewal. Why is Prolab processing membership dues?

Did Prolab process anyone elses membership dues?

I sent an email over to fastreply a few hours ago, but just wanted to see if anyone had this issue?

Just got my renewal form today. It has make cheque payable to
Internaional Association of Certiified Home Inspectors
Addressed to:
1750 30th Street
Boulder, CO

Its letterheaded as InterNACHI on the form letter.


When I was talking to my sales person at pro-labs he asked if I was a NACHI member. He said if I renew through them he could do three years at a discount. I’m not due till November so he said he would check back. I didn’t write down the price but it was almost one year free.


Keep us posted.

No. PRO-LAB can’t renew anyone as our system checks certain things based on your file at the beginning of year 2 which no outside vendor has access to. Your information is recorded on InterNACHI’s servers for membership compliance verification and that information is not accessible to anyone but us.

You can renew by going to this link:

PRO-LAB is however authorized to sell new memberships. New members sold through PRO-LAB still must fulfill

Once you become 90 days past due our system dumps you (part of deadwood project) as a member. PRO-LAB is authorized to try to sign you back up as a new member if they can, but again, they aren’t renewing your membership as you are no longer a member after 90 days past due.

In some cases where you have gotten 90 days past due and rejoined as a new member, we can give you back your old ID# but only if we can verify that you’ve fulfilled for year #2.

Hope that makes sense.

Nick just replied and informed me that Prolab can not process renewals, just new memberships.

I am just a wee bit pi ssed now.

When they called me they clearly stated that she was ‘from nachi’.
I will call them in the morning and make them reverse the charges on my card.
I don’t like to be misled.

Cheryl, I have your back, personally. I’m going to force your renewal now. Let me know if you have any troubles.

Thank you for the quick response.

I guess I wont call them for a reversal on charges now.

But they really do need to honestly identify themselves.

I can also help anyone renew by phone immediatly! I AM InterNACHI staff and work at HQ in sunny Boulder, Colorado…

Please call me direct at 303.502.6214 to renew or with any issues or concerns;)

They tried the same renewal crap with me today but since they weren’t smart enough to know if I was an iNachi member or if I would be up for renewal, I asked to be put on their do not call list. She was taken back but said she would…we’ll see. :roll:

I asked if she was sitting in the office with Nick right now :mrgreen: and she quickly admitted she was with Pro Lab but could renew me. :roll:

You had better get a handle on them, because they’ve called me twice. They even stated; “We see your membership expires in March. We can renew your membership and give you a discount for three years or a lifetime membership.”

They are claiming to be authorized to make membership renewals.

Pro-Lab in my opinion, is several bricks short of an ethical load! They hound me constantly via email, phone and snail mail. The phone callers start the agressive crap and sound like they’re a boiler room type operation. You almost get the feeling that Pro-Lab owns INACHI or is at the very least, well connected.

Don’t expect the crap to stop anytime soon…

I have had phone issues with Pro Lab as well. I don’t mind sales calls, but not at 7:30 in the morning - several times. That’s downright rude.

Un-Freaking Believable…:shock:

Authorized Dealer, huh…:D…man, now I have heard it all Jeff…!!!..:roll:

Received that same call last week… wanted me to renew 3 years for the price of 2

I got the same call.

I got a call last week from a man named Mark saying he was from NACHI and that my membership had expired. He asked if I wanted to renew.

Of course I had just renewed with Lisa in November at the ITA conference in Vegas. I checked my membership verification online and it was November 2008. I still felt something was wrong. I googled the phone number and it was from Pro Lab.

This bothers me. :twisted:

Hey they called me today too :smiley: I told them I was chatting with Nick right now and I was good. She said she had talked to “Nick Romero” earlier. I got a big kick out of that. I guess Nick has given up his Russian descent and is now Spanish :slight_smile:

They dont call me I just get this email over and over




Yo no hablo Espanol.