Is the PV shutoff considered the main shutoff?

Typically when I see a PV shutoff located outside, there is also a main disconnect located at the utility meter. This house has a main shutoff for the PV meter located outside and then the main service panel located in the basement, which has been and is still wired as the main shutoff- neutral and grounds bonded.
My question is this OK? Or is the PV shutoff located outside now considered the main service panel/ shutoff, and thus the grounds and neutrals will need to be separated inside? I was not able to open the PV shutoff as the panel requires it to be put in off mode to open.

PV shutoffs

Main service Panel inside

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Did you read (AND understand) the RED WARNING Labels that SHOULD HAVE been applied to the covers of the panels and disconnects??
If they’re not there or not easily understandable… call it out for that as they are required (in my area at least).

Great question. Two approaches…what does code “require”? And what is the actual consequence? I hope a sparky chimes in.

New construction in my area REQUIRES an outdoor emergency shutoff. Main panel in the garage will still have a shutoff. Exterior requires specific emergency labeling.

Robert, any info to share?

I think the question is should the neutral and ground be separated at the panel now that there is an added disconnect (PV system) upstream?

Normally the PV backfeeds the main panel,
or connects between the meter and the main panel.

The PV shutoff is the PV shutoff, nothing more.
Based on the picture you have a line side tap, which looks fine.
I’m considering writing up something longer for inspectors on solar and line side taps, as they’re becoming more and more common - anyone interested in that topic.


Thank you for the clarification Bryce.
About the labelling, good points. I am not sure I am seeing anything that is not there that is “required”- my area is very loose about any enforcement or what is “required”.

Lost by the term, shut-off. Are you referring to a disconnect?