Main GEC not at main service disconnect or meter base

The main service disconnect and meter base were at an exterior pole, with the ground not connected to a ground rod. Instead, the ground wire was connected and bonded at the main service disconnect, however, the main grounding electrode/ground rod was at the interior sub panel, which was at the house. Is this legit or doesn’t the main ground & rod(s) have to be at the main service disconnect and/or meter base? Hope this makes some sense lol. TIA.

The service grounding should be done at the service. In your case that would be the panel below the meter.

The neutral in the panel at the pole needs to be bonded to the enclosure and a GEC is required at the pole. The separate structure needs a connection to a grounding electrode system also.

I appreciate the help fellas. TY.

Everything is correct as long as the sub panel neutral is not bonded to the ground bar.

You’re correct about the separation at the sub-panel but are you saying that a GEC connected to a grounding electrode is not required at the service disconnect?

O no , you have to have that…i might’ve missed that

I no biggie, I think that was Joshua’s main question as to why there wasn’t a GES or a GEC at the service disconnect.