Is this a spliceless splice?

What are the two doughnut-looking devices around the main conductors?

This condo had a demand control panel located right next to this sub-panel that helped save money with the radiant heating system.

Is this the method for getting power to the demand control panel?

Current transformers

Is this a Spliceless Splice or a Nutless wirenut? :smiley: :smiley:


They are current taps(transformer) for relaying how much curent is in use by the radiant heating loads. Per you description, they are most likely used to provide information to the load shedding/peak shaving equipment for energy use management to reduce peak loads and get a better rate per kW used.

There’s a problem with this??

I thought duck tape fixed anything. :slight_smile:

Ductless duct tape splice.

Current taps (transformers), thanks, Kent

Metering Toroidal Current Transformers

Traditional, window type current transformers for measuring 50-400HZ currents of 5A to 15000A with secondaries of 0.1A, 1A and 5A (special secondary currents are available). Burden: B 0.1 through 1.8 (2.5VA to 50 VA) with Accuracy class: 0.2 to class 5.0 as per IEC 185 or class 0.3, 0.6 or 1.2 as per ANSI C 57.13. Inside diameters of up to 8.00". Many models are available as U.L. recognized devices. Applications include:

  • UPS systems
  • Transfer switches
  • Motor-generator sets
  • Commercial sub-metering,
  • 3 CT 's in one package for 3-phase metering
  • Accurate measuring for metering/WATT/VAR
  • Current sensing, recording, monitoring & control
  • Control panels and drives
  • Standard CT used as measuring standard for comparison
  • Winding temperature indicator (WTI) for power transformers
    *]Summation current transformers.

Seen this in homes with two meters. I am not certain of the exact reason for the dual meters.
These devices are basically an inductive pickup…like a clamp on voltmeter
In my cases the wires for the electric heat, and electric hot water were routed through these pickups. The second meter only read this power consumption…maybe there was a special discount program? Some test pilot? Not sure.

Aaaahh. Ding! The torroidal transformers don’t provide power to the heater control panel. They are the device with which it monitors how much electricity the home is using.
Not a splice, a monitoring device.