Splice in main service panel

As far as I can tell this wire splice is an improper installation (albeit I can’t see what’s under the tape, I know of nothing that would make it safe - but I’m no electrician). Your thoughts please?

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Could be okay with approved tap splice. Tap rules apply.

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I see aluminum and copper conductors spliced together which requires a connector that is listed for the two metals. If I had to guess I would say that they did not use the proper connector. As Simon stated the tap rules would apply so that appears to be done correctly. I don’t see a GEC terminated on the neutral in the 125 amp enclosure. It’s hard to tell but the tap conductors look like they’ve been stripped from NM cable which does not have conductors listed for wet locations. Also if there is an EGC (it appears to be a bare conductor) it would need to be sized according the OCPD ahead of the tap which is 125 amps. The EGC would need to be #6 AWG.


Thank you, Gents!

There appears to be a bare twisted AL going to a grounding busbar, what’s up with that?

Looks like the bare EGC for the feeder on the load side of the breaker. Could be SER cable.

Nevermind :slight_smile: Yes, looks like 250.24 is violated.

NOT melted dummy. Bringing up hypothetical situations is not helpful.

termination jacket melting illustration

I beg to differ, but that seems typical/normal/usual for you.

Observation: Rude induvial. Lacking in professional candor.
Recommend: Learn to discuss things as a professional.
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Too bad.
So sad.

I would say it is from penciling the insulation, not melted.

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Just what I was thinking, like you said ‘penciled’ then they peeled that tough layer back and cut the last bit off. In some ways it is easier to carve wood than some of the heavier gauge wire insulation.

Thank you for your seasoned responses.

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Morning, Jim.
Hope to find you well today.

Jim, wouldn’t that he a hypotheses?

Lets do a comparison of trimmed insulator terminations, too detect and deduce if your theory is plausible.

Question: 1: Why would only 1 cable insulator be penciled? 2: Look closely at what I perceive to be a limitedly melted jacket insulation. The cylindrical tapper not even. Jagged on one side. The jacket has a tear with a fairly deep crevasse. I think mechanical damage myself but that would be a hypotheses.

This is not aimed at you. Funny how John Paul replies to your hypotheses; nothing more than a question based on a particular observation that you will then set out to prove. Lets set out to prove if your hypotheses is valid buy studying the subject material objectively.

Other conductors have also been pencilled.