Is this a structural issue?

Today I did my 2nd inspection ever. I ran into this problem on a corner of the foundation. Is this a serious issue?


Not enough information:

Where is this house located?
What does the rest of the foundation look like?
How old is this structure?
Do you have more photos?

These are only a few questions, I am sure others will add to them.

Besides poor workmanship in that photo there does not appear to be any footings under that corner. Can’t give an accurate assessment over the internet so you may need the help of someone local that has more structural knowledge.

Looks like an improperly extended downspout is eroding the foundation. Like Randy said not enough info.

Looks like a ledger board of a deck in pic. Do you have a distance photo.

You need to fix the date on your camera.


The best way to get an accurate answer is to describe the problem in words and then add photos to support your description, and then ask specific questions. Also… take your photos from further away.

Where’s the footing? What is that concrete supporting?

Wisely you have to back up when taking photos. Start at a dissidence to allow the whole article, foundation and surrounding systems, porch, windows to get into the photo for size referencing.
Then you zoom in taking pictures say every five feet closer in distance till you are atop the defect.
I do not see enough to understand what part that slab plays in the foundation.
If you have more photos post them. I would love to help but cannot with whats here.
Thanks. Robert.

was this pic taken in the future…2/1/2011
I haven’t done any inspections at 4am either…you should be able to do 5 a day with them hours of operation.


Fix your date/time on your camera. It will help for record keeping purposes. If you got a question, it may be best to come back to your thread you started and check on replies. It’s been several days since you posted this thread.

IMO, not not a serious issue. Erosion from lack of proper downspout. Correct downspout and ground cover.

Good point and call out. I did not notice the down spout but see it now.
Its a slab on grade if I am reading it right.
You have a keen eye and I see whats at play now.
The grading has been worn away from the down spout and all the gutters exhaust water and in close proximity to the slab.
Always a no no.
Should be minimum 8 feet away from the home and angled to run away from the foundation. Simple fix at home depot with accordion extensions.
Good job ray. I was perplexed.

Gosh,are you guys done picking on Wesley yet ?
Poor guy never came back yet after 5 days.

i well drop him an email BOB.
Tell him to toughen his skin. Nicely.

After reading this one I’m not sure if I want to post any questions of my own. Are you trying to scare us new guys away? :stuck_out_tongue:

I may not be an Inspector (yet, hopefully), but I do know a little about footings and structural engineering…so if I had to guess from the photos, I would say this is an erosion problem do to the proximity of the gutter downspout on a perimeter thickened slab edge/footing, and will lead to cracking of the foundation and settlement problems if not fixed. Report should recommend review and repair by a licensed footing contractor.

I think its slab on grad.
Easy fix. Move down spout exhaust out 8 feet and regrade the land.