Is this a "Y"

Is this a “Y”?

Looks closer to 2 S traps.

I see them plumbed with Ys here but going to the back wall not through the floor.

It looks badly alighned at the tail pieces too.

Looks like a upside down Peace trap to me. LOL

Maybe a piece of TRAP

It is a recycled tailor rack to me

now that’s a thing of beauty for sure…If I had that in my vanity I’d take the doors off and back light it …it’s just wrong to keep that covered up…just sayin…

I think it is called a double Tee Y. So Y not a call it a W? And the vent is where?

They had nowhere to go so they plugged it. :mrgreen::wink:

Easy to fix.

More like a “what the H.”


not so much “Y”, as a “why?”