Words fail me

Pretty sure pic one is an s trap, a basement bathroom sink, drain disappears into the wall, unable to locate the vent if there is one. Also they are using vent elbows for the 90s. Second opinions? Pics number two and three are the kitchen double sink, not sure about this one, should they both go into the same trap or is it OK as is? My understanding is that you can’t vent a trap unless the vent pipe has no waste water coming in above, which would make the lower wrong. (?)
That white metal box on the water line was apparently something to do with a garburetor that has been long removed.

dr suess?

Pic 1, I can’t see a defect and can’t see through walls. Pic 2 & 3, a mess. Could call it a double-trap if nothing else; the drain also goes uphill after the trap. I would have to make up a narrative on that one and call it “unorthodox plumbing”.

Careful Joe it does not go up after the trap. Look real close at the blue plastic bag.

What about the 90 elbows in pic 1? Shouldn’t they be longways or whatever the plumbers call them? The home depot plumber told me once they should only be used for venting, not for waste too easy to plug.

And roofing, construction, electrical, landscaping, you name it… This one’s going to take me all day and 100s of pages to write :frowning: I am tempted to do a one line report, don’t walk away, run.

Long sweep 90.

“the home depot plumber” does not always give sound advice.

I think this time he did. Long sweep elbow. Thanks Mr. Wood

Careful… easy to fall into the trap of detailing every single thing wrong with every item.

I hear what you are saying, this was a case where I had a very bad feeling about the house, fire damaged attic improperly repaired, CO readings near 50 ppm beside the sooted up boiler, 30 ppm upstairs, evidence of Tim the toolman Taylor home handymanism everywhere, private sale, mom selling to daughter, asking the appraised value (tax appraisal) which is pretty close to market. What would you have done? I also advised to get a real appraisal and pay for it, and to research on how hard or easy it is to sell a house that has had prior fire damage.

How can a home inspection report be hundreds of pages?
Me thinks you’re over doing it! :wink:



I have had an 89 pager, this winter. A 3 family slum lord special.

Pic. 1 is a definate problem since a trap should be lower than the vent pipe. Judging by where that drain pipe leads is definately not higher than the trap.

Pic #1 is an S trap, and shouldn’t use vent type fittings. Don’t necessarily need a long sweep 90, just not a vent 90.

The other pics is a double trap, which is not allowed.

“Unprofessional plumbing practices observed under the kitchen sink. Wrong fitting types and configuration observed, which could cause clogging, slow draining, and sewer gases. Recommend consulting with qualified plumbing contractor to correct the problems”…done…

Can’t tell if the pipe in picture 1 connects into a vent stack inside the wall or if it goes downhill inside the wall. Would be an S trap IF it does go downhill.
The other picture is not a “double trap” as both are separately connected as continuous vented into the vent stack (although the lower one is wet vented)
Double trap means drain water goes through one trap, then inters another trap. (in series)

I see an old antique flow switch in the cold water supply line which will most likely cause trouble someday.