Is This Aluminum or what!!!!

Heres one for the record, the seller asked if we needed to stop the inspection right there… buyer bought it anyway and there was lots of work to be done on this one:cool:

I am concerned of you opening a panel if you can’t identify the wiring.
What were you looking for?

Easy does it Barry.:smiley: He wasn’t asking if it was aluminum. He was stating it. !!! These gave it away.

The thing that caught my eye was 4 down on the right side. That one is running hot.

Don’t worry the panel cover was mounted to the wall and was just taking a pic of the inside had on proper protection and insulated gloves I never used to open them but I missed aluminum on an inspection in the same area of town once so… I pulled it just in case.:shock:

I wonder why just 1/2 the grounded lugs are rusted?

Any ideas?

Got me hanging …there was mold and water damage on the outside storage closet right outside that wall (townhouse) and the cover was painted in I don’t think it was ever removed!

You think maybe the rusted ones are steel and the clean ones are aluminum? would they do that?
It is New Mexico nothing surprises me here

Hi to all,

Nice combination, FPE and Aluminum, sweet



The perfect House of Horrors service installation, or maybe it should be on permanent display at the How Not to Wire a House Museum. :mrgreen:

Greg, what do you mean when you say 4th one on the right running hot?

The screw on the breaker looks like it cooked