Is this considered exterior wire?

I’ve attached a picture wonder if sunlight resistance means it’s allowable for outside use. I know this is indoors but it runs to the AC outside.



Hi to all,

Rick the “UF” means it is suitable for direct burial so it would be OK to use for an AC. Howefer it would still need to be protected from mechanical damage where it is exposed above ground (and also in a conduit to protect the first 2 feet below ground).



Actually…it is 18" for protection…The minimum depth for UF if NOT 120V and 20A or less is 24"…refer to article 300.5 for all the actual depths and specifics…but for protecting the wire ( ie: UF) on the verical…does not have to be beyond 18" but MUST be protected up to 8’ above finished grade…

BUT if you would like to protect it down 24" you are FREE to do that as well…:slight_smile:

I vote with Gerry
Unless you can use the residential 15/20a 120v GFCI exception <12"> it is 24" unless you are under paving/concrete of some sort <18">.

OK, folks…

I call NM cable that is not protected at <7’???

am I wrong?:neutral:

This Type UF cable is permitted to be used as stated on the jacket, but it cannot be used as shown in your picture because the NFPA makes it clear that it must be installed to be supported just like NM cable.

Also, using this to supply the equipment is illegal:

Nonmetallic-sheathed cable is permitted to be unsupported where the cable:
is not more than 1.4 m (41⁄2 ft) from the last point of cable support to the point of connection to a luminaire (lighting fixture) or other piece of electrical equipment and the cable and point of connection are within an accessible ceiling.

I call it out < 8’ Todd.

Protection Joe…Not Supporting…Different things…

If it is running up a wall…it is subject to physical damage ( or could be ruled as such ) it needs to be protected to a minimum height of 8’…now is it always done…probably not…

Todd…Actually an NM that is exposed and subject to Physical Damage could be technically called out…

The report has probably been completed!

That’s too bad because the use of the wiring method as shown is a “defect” and violates Article 340.

The original question was asking only about the sunlight issue.

I don’t look the other way when I see apparent violations if called to make repairs on the HI list.

I am aware of a recent comment were it was stated that: “I looked to other way” Man, that’s dangerous! What if the results of those “defects” led to the loss of a life or property!

I just don’t get the logic!

Just my opinion that’s all and to get the correct interpretations out to the people who need the answers to questions.

“I don’t look the other way when I see apparent violations if called to make repairs on the HI list.”

Joe- You obviously don’t do many Electrical Service Calls these days…

P.S…To READ something into a statement that was NOT posted is very concerning…Physically looking the other way on a MAJOR defect is wrong…BUT their is NO WAY in heck I as an electrician will go into a house that I am called into to FIX the items on a report and have a seller tell me to ONLY fix the things on the report…and NOT do what the client asked me to do…if that is WRONG so be it…

Joe Stated: “I don’t look the other way when I see apparent violations if called to make repairs on the HI list.”

Agreed…then it would NOT be too much to state it is not protected against physical damage which is where the post migrated to…

True I don’t, but that’s not the issue here, if I did I would let the people know about the problems!

Here in Massachusetts the electrician is obligated to advise the owners of violations.

I will research your licensing laws to see if that is true in your area.

I make inspections for major companies and look for the problems we are all aware of related to the “premises wiring systems” that includes everything, no excuses, no locked doors, I look everywhere!

You will probably want to slow down some day and become an inspector – then you will see the differences. :mrgreen:


re-read the laws on Electricians…We are hired to do a job…express our concerns to the owners in all cases…BUT we do not go in creating work for ourselves…

When I am hired to FIX something…I go in to FIX something…I fix the PROBLEM…I am not always LOOKING for other items because it is NOT part of being an Electrician that requires it…

If I see something I feel is a major concern I tell the owner…BUT I do not go to the Fire Marshall…Too excessive and I can ensure I will NEVER get the work in the first place…Tactfulness is important…

ON being an AHJ…no thanks…They have it TOO easy…I like it ROUGH


Finally, you said something that makes some sense!

Good for you Paul!

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But when you need to know how to WIRE something…Remember you know my phone number fella…:slight_smile:

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