Is this drywall added for fire protection?

This covering was placed on the sheathing directly above the attic opening. What’s it for?

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Fire Break.jpg

Was it next to a common fire barrier wall?

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Yes. That’s a town home correct?

Yes to both. Town home and next to fire barrier wall. Is it really just drywall up there?

Was this a condo or duplex separation wall in the attic where 4’ on each side of the separation is required to have a thermal barrier?

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Each unit is required to have a one hour fire rated wall. Two adjacent town homes can share a common 2 hour fire rated wall if there are no plumbing, mechanical, duct, or vent installations in the common wall.

The fire wall must extend from the foundation to 30 inches above the roof ( a parapet). However, no parapet is needed if:

the elevation of the town homes differ by at least 30 inches, and the walls above the roof line are at least one hour fire rated


the roof coverings have a class C fire rating (which most do), and the roof sheathing is fire rated treated plywood for 4 feet from the edge of the fire wall, or if the roof sheathing has 5/8 inch type X drywall applied directly underneath it for 4 feet.