Is this horizontal main beam a cause for concern?

Large beam across the downstairs basement room that was build a few years ago. The main beam has two ridges at the bottom but is much deeper on one side than the other and along the whole top of the beam is a split that goes from one end to the other. Its about 7/16-1/2" on how far the split comes out from the beam on the ends but in the middle its only about a quarter inch. The beam is also crooked somewhat at a slight decline towards the bigger ridge side.

It will only let me post one picture and its hard to get a closeup. You can see the top thats cracked but not thr ridges at the bottom. If someone would want i could email some extra pics.

You can up to 5 photos. This photo is not saying much. In fact, from this photo the beam looks like it wrapped with trim IMO.

Picture 2

Can you post one photo for each reply?

Picture 3

Picture 4

That beam is trim wrapped. No way to know what how the beam is actually performing. Do you have sagging floors, sheetrock cracking etc. in surrounding area?

Directly over it is an island center piece in the middle of the house and the floor is slighly skewed i noticed. Also around the beam that i showed you the wall does have cracking down it.

Picture of crack running from beam downstairs.

That island is heavy, was the beam in place before the stone/granite install or was the beam added because of the island?

New home owner so unfortunately dont know that. I do know the main structrual beam for the house is in the garage which is a few rooms over. They redid the kitchen and bedroom downstairs which is where the beam is.

Well, you will not like my answer. There is not much for us to see. If you did not inherit any design plans, documents or permits…I would have an engineer come out and recalculate the loads.

Edit: Your photo’s are not alarming. You may just need more peace of mind.


I appreciate your time and i was thinking that was going to be my answer lol.

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By the way my realtor did have a pic of the old room. It had one vertical support before they put in the kitchen changes and the new bedroom.

In my opinion the beam is underneight the roughed-up strips of plywood.

Just looks like a really bad job at trimming out a beam to me. Not near enough info to make any real diagnosis here.


While the cracks are in the trim,
your best move is to hire a professional to look. Pictures don’t cut it always, and free advice is often worth no more than you paid for it.

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