Question just to put out there

I was at a brand new house today built from scratch I noticed in the basement the main beam ran from one side of the house to the other Which to me was normal but when I looked in the middle it was completely cut in half maybe 20 inchs long bye 20 8nchs long threw the basement they had suports holding the beams up but I still feel it should be one whole pc holding the whole floor am I right on this

Need photos.

They put a 2x4 on one side with screws to kind of sister hold it i guess

I’m sorry i could not get photos

Why? If you saw the problem, you should have taken multiple photos. Inspecting 101.


I was doing security not home inspections

I do my home inspections on the side I just noticed on a brand new build this error and I wanted to no if what I saw was corect or if it was allowed

Can’t help you then. I don’t do security.

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Well then perhaps you need to rewrite and spellcheck your original post because it makes no sense.

Lol I am a home inspecter but I also do home security I often view many of customers homes and take a mental observation so today I noticed in the new built home this error which I felt was wrong take a straight line and put a hole in the middle that is what I saw and I don’t feel that was right

Not enough info to even hazard a WAG!

what i mean visual

To me I don’t understand if I’m not asking the question correctly or if nobody’s understanding me the main beam that is supporting the 2nd floor that is in the basement has a cut directly in the middle of the whole house to me I would consider that incorrect I was just asking to see if anybody else had any kind of opinion out there


Note: This IS an engineering question that you have.
No, I am not an engineer, and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express lately!

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Structure is complex. There are many details needed to answer your question that simply are not available.


That can work if it is designed that way correctly.

Those bent/warped posts would NEVER fly in my area!! :no_mouth:


Were there any floor joists not supported by the beam? That would be a concern. Be sure to get photos next time

Your phone has camera. I take pics of anything that looks odd…except people of course.
A picture is worth 1000 words.


Well apparently when you work home security you aren’t allowed to take your phone with you…