Is this just unethical or is this illegal?

Howdy Mr. Fudge.

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Glad it worked out for you Junior. I just chose not to do those on the advice of my attorney, for various reasons.

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To each their own Larry! It’s worked out well so far, plus opened a few more doors! :slight_smile:

Happy for you. I hope it continues. :smile:

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I get them all the tme, they are typically in process inspections for remodels or new builds to release more funds for the project.

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Arthur. I edited this post. Read below please.

I concur, Junior. Worked for such a stateside agency some years back starting out.
Looking back; I was a novice, making my way, gaining recognition in the home inspection industry in my neck of the woods, gaining knowledge and attributes from others that pay attention to the North American home inspection industry.
Remember. This is a specialized field.
That being said. I asked them to call in person to which they did.
They explained what they wanted. I explained what I wanted. A typical/usual average fee I charge to everyone.
They agreed and I work for the employee relocation service industry. I could have been doing 5 inspections 5 days a week and more for my fee.

I stopped shortly after but you are right.
As for you stating they are looking for someone qualified. They are looking for someone certified, insured and meets a minimal requirements list to fill that service area. The email appears to be a nothing more than a recruitment campaign for that service area.


Good morning Robert! I have no problem doing a walk-through, addendum, property damage report, or whatever. Set the fees, if they agree, it’s all good in my bank account! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You shouldn’t edit your inspection agreement without getting it approved by your insurance company.

Very good point, Greg.

They may not cover a different agreement than what was given to them at the beginning of coverage.

Our insurance company know what we do, and are fine with it. We don’t continuously edit our walk-through agreement, it’s been edited once and is set up to explain whats included/not included already. As for the component/s agreement, we list what component/s are to be examined per job, the rest of the agreement stays the same. Good point though, for anyone planning on doing it, check with your insurance provider. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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It is possible that the inspection is a request from the city of Alliance. If that is the case, then the city provides them with a checklist inspection report for you to fill out and turnin so they can continue to do business. The catch there is, you must first be an approved inspector by that particular city and be on their preferred inspector’s list. Might be the case, might not. Cheers

Arthur, have you considered slowing down the references on your home page below your picture?

They seem to move quite quickly giving me not enough time to finish reading them?

I suppose it could be my brain is not moving fast enough, too. :joy:

Just a thought.

Lol it’s been on my to do list

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I was asked to complete a similar inspection 25 miles from my house for $50. My response was definitely a no. I learned that another inspector in my area took the assignment and was accustomed to the low fee regarding.

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I’ve done several f this type of inspection for investors… they even had a checklist to go by. They weren’t interested in cosmetic stuff - just structural defects since they were going to flip the homes. I had a signed agreement and made sure they initialed that this was in no way a complete home inspection, and did not take the place of a complete home inspection. It was easy cash and never had an issue.


I have done one similar to what I think they are asking for. It was an insurance inspection on a multifamily. I was hesitant at first and asked a lot of questions before I agreed. It is not an in depth inspection. They want someone that is capable of taking decent pictures. Pay is not a lot but it only took about an hour. They called me again to do another one on a hotel in a few weeks. $125 for half an hour of work. I’ll take it.

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Do you have a software that has walk-throughs, addendum reports and property damage reports or are they something you created? I’m interested in offering services to Property managers and banks; my software is designed for complete inspections which may be overkill for walk throughs.

Steven, our SOP allows you, with your client, to modify the scope of work, prior to the inspection process. So, maybe you can make what you need.

“The scope of work may be modified by the Client and Inspector prior to the inspection process.”

Walk-thoughs there are no report/photos, etc. The client/s attend and follow along, listen to what I tell them, ask questions, etc. They can take photos or make notes if they choose to.

The addendum reports we have done, we’ve received a checklist of things that they wanted looked at. I do up a simple one or two page report edited to match their checklist, with photos included.

The property damage reports we have done, we’ve received what was needed to be looked at.
I do up a simple one or two page report edited to match their checklist, with photos included.

I use HIP (Home Inspector Pro) to create a report layout as needed.

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