Is this our first licensed home inspector?

I guess licensing came early for this Kitchener Ontario home inspector. :slight_smile:

Looks like his web site is now down . Thanks Yuri .
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Yuri when did you get that screen shot.
I’m getting this now:

Hi Marc!

Works fine now…

Best regards,

Oh bouy. Pun intended :lol:

so let’s say the screenshot clearly exhibits
40 yrs exp home reno & home bldg

  • 35 yrs exp reno, const, home bldg
    = 75 yrs total exp

where is the truth in advertising
why would you need a license w/those creds


Barry, this is not about his credentials. I don’t know the guy and stumbled upon his website by accident. The misleading portion of his advertisement is pertained to the words “licensed home inspector” as there simply is no licensing in Ontario yet. This is misleading and deceiving to the public.

Disheartening display.
Not one of you professionals reached-out to explain he may have made a error and put him on the right tract, InterNACHI?

By the looks of it, the mistake has been rectified.
Likely a professional informed him of the editing error.

Good luck Willie.

Gees Louise guys. Nothing better to do than this?

You should not talk when your own advertising is fraudulent!

Hi Pat! :smiley:

I do not recognize that?
Look again.

You making up stuff Again ‘Mark Goldenberg’, and protecting members that have been taken to task?

Food for thought InterNACHI Awards Committee.

As expressed in my previous post, Disheartening display.

By appearances, I presume, during his 35 years in the construction trades he acquired ‘a trades license’ or ‘trade licenses,’ as myself, but not to be confused as a licensed home inspector.

It appears everything is in order with his web site. Lets see if anyone posts his old website in the further to discredit him AGAIN.

Too bad if they do.
So, sad a display of InterNACHI professionals.
No wonder other associations can arm themselves with conflated posts and disparaging remarks about certain members and this grand association.
In poor taste.

I hope it does not discourage Willie from joining InterNACHI.
Willie would be a great addition to this association.

All the best Willie.

Hi Yuri:

Will be addressed and corrected by PHPIC as per their reply.

Best regards,

The fraudulent advertising claim of being a government licensed home inspector
is misleading and deceiving to the public.
A disheartening display of unscrupulous activities.

Fraud Advertising1.jpg

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Thanks Pat. Good job!

Mr. Goldenberg. Again you are mistaken.

As well please look at my website.

As for your phony image, were does it say, I am a licensed home inspector.

Unfortunately for the InterNACHI association an awards committee, a rouge member thinks he is a disciplinary committee member and holds kangaroo courts on InterNACHI’s open section.

Despicable display of professionalism.


He is not the first. There is a guy in Ajax that has been advertising he was a licenced home inspector for years. I made several complaints but NOTHING was ever done.:twisted:

I don’t give a rat’s azz now though!:stuck_out_tongue:


Are you now denying that the fraudulent magazine ad was NOT you & you don’t know anything about it?
Stop deflecting the issue & try not to be a despicable, unprofessional liar.

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You sure hitch your wagon to some strange bed-fellows.
Looks like your credibility just went down the drain.

Is THAT your answer to this - just ADMIT it was YOUR fraudulent ad already.