Is this our first licensed home inspector?

OK, I will admit, “the fraudulent magazine ad was NOT me.”
You sure are good with creating falsities and making up stuff.

Now why would a Florida home inspector and InterNACHI awards committee member take the time to break COE? I have deep respect for all the awards committee members, except you.

Now move along and help members and the the awards committee doing something useful before what’s left of “your credibility, goes down the drain IN FLAMES!”

You’re lying once more, that was your ad in a magazine another respected member posted.
AND I suggest you STOP with the committee stuff or you may get another phone call.
Then you can be embarrassed & have another “somber thought” to apologize again.

**embarrassed again!
Somber ~ NOT!
**edited/removed as usual ** :roll:

Mr. Goldenberg, you are a sick man. I feel sorry for the awards committee and InterNACHI.
You are an embarrassment.
Seek help.


You say this is not your ad yet if you search the archives here you will find posts where you admitted it was YOUR ad.

To deny it now just makes Montreal Home Inspection Services look like they cannot be trusted.

Here is the link to where you advertised that you are Government Licensed when no such license exists.

Marc is a well respected member here which is something you will never be.

Now do the right thing Robert Young and admit that YOU the sole owner of Montreal Home Inspection Services fraudently advertised in a seniors magazine that you have a Government License

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This is your posse, Marc?

Jim Mosiuk I wonder why you do not help other inspectors .
I look at many of your posts and see many complaints .
You seem to do little help our industry .
Is it really any of your business about what goes on in Quebec .???

Robert does give much help and information to others .

Cooke your still a POS and always will be.

You call yourself a Master Electrician yet when someone asks for help you refer them to qualified electricians.

Did you find your Master Electrician in a Cracker Jack Box?

Why are you not defending Marc from the lies Young is stating?

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You are still a vicious person who seems to think he has a lot of knowledge that you refuse to share . Many errors in this post of yours .
Strange how you liked this post below .

5/26/14, 7:44 PM
Jim Mosiuk](

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Re: Roy Cooke [/FONT]
He helped my son with some great info a few weeks ago.

Roy Cooke is an amazing man.

Timothy Cole
5:58 AM (7 hours ago)

to nick
I try to learn every day but some electrical issues were always not clear to me. I contacted retired member Roy Cooke and asked if he could help me. He agreed and I went to his home and he answered all of my questions and I even got a cup of coffee!
It is great to belong to an association that has members who are willing to help their fellow inspectors.
Tim Cole

So you gave my son some info years ago.

You are a POS who changes a news story about my son and put my personal life on the message board.

You are a complete disgrace to this Industry and continue to destroy InterNachi in Ontario along with the other InterNachi Rejects that have been booted from here

Nick should never have let you back in when he booted you out of InterNachi

You might offer help to some people but anyone who disagrees with you ends up being attacked by you.

As for a Quebec matter this is posted in the CANADIAN Section

Are defending Robert for falsifying his credentials, you seem to defend peolple that do this including your own credentials

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Roy Cooke is an amazing man.

Roy Cooke is an amazing man.

Your a joke, Just because you have helped people in the past does not change the fact your a POS who has to brag how many imaginary friends he has to proove his worth on the MB

Now go play with your imaginary friends

Yep - there it is right on page number 8 for the whole world to see.
I have advertised in print media before. They always send you a “proof” for approval before going to print.
He will NEVER admit it & be a honest professional!

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That is because he is not honest or a professional

A magazine? What magazine?
You hitch your wagon to Jim Mosiuk?

Jim why do you believe what you say is true?
Why are most of your post inflammatory?
Why have you become an antagonist?
Why don’t you help InterNACHI members educate, become more helpful, and have good time at InterNACHI?

Now you and your best friend Marc Goldenberg from Fla. not Ontario, can share the sand box all alone and chase away anyone else that tries to enter.
I will play go play on the swings and avoid you two. I hope that meets with your approval.

Mommy, Jim and Marc are at it again in the playground. Think you should tell their mommies?


Why do you not admit that this is your advertising?

Is there another Montreal Home Inspection Services with an owner named Robert Young?

Tell me there cannot be 2 Robert Youngs deceiving the public with thier false advertising.

Your previous post just shows that no one should hire you.

As for me helping fellow Inspectors, I do on an ongoing basis

You on the other hand continue to give incorrect information to fellow inspectors than apologise later.

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Magazine. What magazine?:roll:

Why do you believe what you say is true Marc Goldenberg InterNACHI awards committee member that is openly trying to slander a fellow InterNACHI member with lies, What magazine?, while threatening him, a personal position an honest professional and an awards committee member would certainly avoid at all costs?:shock:

Marc, I just left the sand box for you and your newest best friend Jim Mosiuk, to play in all alone. I hope that meets with your approval.

I will no longer feed you two but its been interesting watching the two of you become good pals and life long friends.
But like all fun, its time to get back to work.

All the best you two bosom buddies.
Make my heart fill of tears of joy to see two evenly matched InterNACHI member’s become life long friend at the hip. Marc and Jim.

Thanks for the new years present.:wink:


Would you like to share with the public why you advertise that you have a Government license when one does not exist

Last post to you, Jim Mosiuk.

Jim, if you spent as much time helping InterNACHI members, you might not have retired and still be a director at OntrioACHI enjoying the great rewards this industry has to offer.

Jim, although you may find it hard to believe, I will not admit to mistakes others made 7 or 8 years ago, nor let your immature awareness of reality bother me. You are not even a cog in the home inspection industry wheel any-longer.

Keep will, Jim.
Best regards.
Robert Young

Another post written by someone other than Robert.