Is this panel grounded?

Inspected this panel today. Did not appear to me to be grounded. A problem I commonly find in Florida is the ground is often tied to the rebar in the block walls and not visible unless it is on a cold water line outside or a ground rod in the ground. Sometimes all I have to go by is finding a grounding conductor in the panel. This photo is a shot of the left side of the panel with the neutral bus and the ground bus shown. It would appear that the empty screw where the grounds are tied to should have a large gauge wire running to a ground. Correct me if I am wrong but I do not see anything on this that would look to be a qualified grounding wire.


Actually nevermind, the green wire attached to the neutral/ground bar is the main ground wire for this panel, sorry.

That green wire does not look large enough to satisfy for a GEC.

As far as this.

That is called a concrete encased electrode, a CEE aka a Ufer ground. It is not a problem, nor does it require a supplemental electrode like a water line ground.

Given that the SEC’s look to be about 2/0 Wouldn’t the GEC need to be 6 AWG CU or 4 for aluminum? Isn’t it more likely one of those larger stranded aluminum conductors to be the GEC?

Thanks guys, yeah Ufer grounds are common here. I have found a few panels grounded here with just a 12 or 14 awg wire tied to a ground rod on an upgraded panel, usually the green wire green, that is what I suspected here, but more than likely 1 or more of those 3 aluminum wires are the ground.

Is the inspection process that lax?

It shouldn’t be. I always verify the grounding connections. If I can’t veriy them myself, I defer for an electrician to verify.

Not many electrodes that be connected by an aluminum GEC or bonding jumper.

What do you mean “that lax” Jim? If the house is reinforced masonry construction and the grounding wire is tied to the rebar between the concrete block walls, what do you want me to do, get a demo hammer and demolish the wall to find the ground connection? I always verify the grounding connection, if it can be found, but as I said, with reinforced masonry construction, the ground is usually tied in between the wall, not much I can do but note on the report that a ground connection could not be seen and defer to an electrician.

I was asking if the AHJ are passing what look to be GECs way too small.

Gotcha…it is Florida after all, don’t get me started…