4 th inspection this year

Owner of house told me there were 3 other inspections this month. They all missed this. Ground rod and wire missing. Pvc water supply, no ground

John congrats on the 4th inspection. Keep up the good work, and keep on marketing your best and more will come. FYI that inspection looks like it was a "Shocking Experience LOL


James I don’t think it was John’s 4th inspection this year, it was the house’s 4th inspection :slight_smile:


Good eye! It is a good reminder to take our time and really look at things closely.

Are you sure that it was missing the ground? How old was the home? There may have been a Uffer Ground.

No other ground wires anywhere in the panel. 3 lead underground service.
Black insulated wire from neutral strip [pic one] goes to back of panel, but stops just inside wall not connected to anything

built in 2006

If this home was built in 2006, why write it up? It passed code inspection. I bet it was wired by licensed electricians. I bet also that the home was inspected by a local codes enforcement, and allowed for occupancy…

Sad, and frustraing, isn’t it.

How about the stranded green-conductor at the top of pic 1? Did you see where that went?

Would that show up when using a standard outlet tester?

Hummmm My bad, oh well still a shocking find…haha


Not sure if you are being funny or asking a straight question but I would think the question would be no.The nuetral wire would act as a ground from the main service line. Not sure how you could test for this situation except visual. GURU’S???

Not sure either that is why I asked.

I am never afraid to look like I do not know the answer.

Many here will not ask for fear of ridicule.

I am definitely not an electrical Guru.

Hey John. Is the second picture where the telecommunications bond to the system? Maybe it had an UFER

Neither am I Michael. I did have a house with a similar issue. Everything tested ok and was pretty shocked when I got to the basement to see the ground had been removed from the supply line of the home(copper).

Thats why we ask :slight_smile:
i would rather be wrong and know. Then guess and not know and i do not care who knows it :slight_smile:

The configuration shown in the second photo is typical with a UFER set up. If that is the case the GC cable usually connects to a rebar in the wall space between the exterior and interior walls. Did you look on the opposing interior wall for a small access panel? Example shown in attached photo.


Jeff that green wire is for the pool pump timer.

Juan in the first pic the black wire goes out the back of the panel into the wall, but it is not attached to anything. My other computer crashed yesterday and I can’t get the pic off of it that showa the wire going into the wall. I though it was a UFER also. The white and green at the bottom are for sprinkler system. I don’t do cable tv, besides sprinkler installer cut all the tv and cable lines.


Whether a system is properly grounded (earthed) or not, will not affect the readings on your testers.

Testers are not actually looking for “grounding” (a connection to earth), they are looking for a low impedance connection back to the source, which is the service equipment. While we generally refer to this as the “ground,” it is not the same as the system-ground, and one has very little to do with the other.

If the equipment grounding conductor of a circuit is bonded to the service equipment, your tester will show a proper “ground” even if the system-ground has not been established.

So its really just checking if the receptacle is BONDED to the panel. Right?