Is this PB?

Nice link, Thanks Kenton!

Not if Doug in post #4 is correct.

I’ve seen gray PEX on dishwasher and refrigerator supply lines.

PB"most commonly grey in color, but they can also be white, silver, black or blue. Blue PB is used primarily outdoors."
PEX"cross-linked polyethylene can be black, blue or red."

I wouldn’t think so.



The lighter gray fixture supply lines sold today in hardware stores are PEX. They used to be the darker gray PB lines, which are still under a few sinks today…time to change them out. I don’t see a lot of PB supply lines in the walls except in older mobile homes.

That is PB, I have seen grey, black, white and blue PB. Grey is the most common, black was more common in the later years (late 1990’s and on) and used mostly when coming up from a slab, white is rare but I did see it once. Never saw any blue that I can think of. FYI, I have personally found PB in a 2002 home once.

It’s polybutylene.