Manabloc manifold with PEX piping

This is a plumbing management system installed in a house in 1995. I submit that the red and plue color coded piping is NOT PB, but amd looking for verification or rebuttal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

The “red and blue” simply indicates hot and cold. Looks like PB to me. . .

I agree with Jeff. Were you able to see any identification on the lines themselves?

The only identification on the PEX themselves was “Manabloc Tubing”. I have seen PB used in various locations but never with this type of writing nor with the hold/cold color coding on the tubing. Current site applications show red and blue tubes, but I wonder what they were using in 1995

By the way, we did disclaim it as not verified, but could be PB and recommended further review by a licensed professional.

95 does seem like a ways back. I had heard that it began being used out in CA back in 01 or 02. Started seeing it in TX in 03.

PEX and PB are 2 different animals.

I’ve never seen gray PEX tubing, and I’ve never seen a gray PEX manifold.

Doesn’t look like PB to me. Some of our first generation stuff down here (i.e., before California approved it and people were bringing it in from Canada and Europe) was gray. The oldest I’ve found it here in San Diego was 1997.

I haven’t either, and I’d bet anything it’s PB Pipe as well.

Ditto, Shell Oil didn’t stop supplying PB resins for plumbing tubing applications until 1996. I have seen PB installed down here as late as the late 90’s



Its PB, may not be 2110 but its PB. No one in their right mind would ever manufacture pipe the same color as PB.

Thanks all!

“California” still hasn’t approved it, although many cities/municipalities within the state have approved it.