Is this rusty water an issue?

So this looks to be a condensation pipe coming from the evaporative cooler. I’ve not inspected the house yet (will do it Sunday) but was dropping off the radon test. Is this rusty looking water an issue other than cosmetic?

I see a condensing furnace with a cheesy drain setup, but no cooling coil. A lot of those furnace drain systems leak and cause rusting in the furnace cabinet.

Just by the erosion of the concrete I would say that furnace is old enough to budget for replacement!!

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High or mid efficiency sealed combustion NG condensing furnace.
I do not see an evaporator.
1: Cabinet corrosion. Look at the bottom cabinet.
2: Improper condensate drain set up. Missing cleanout and trap.
3: Condensate too long. Impedes safe right of way. Trip fall hazard.
My 2 cents.

Is that actually a condensing furnace?


“The acidic level of the condensate is measured as pH. Most condensate from natural gas appliances will have a pH of between 2.0 and 4 with 7 being neutral. The actual pH will vary according to the actual chemical makeup of the fuel that is being burned.”

Come prepared to clean that area of the concrete floor, and see if it’s buildup (OK) or etched away (bad).

I would say yes…


Does not seem to have very much water piping :slight_smile:

Bottom line for the OP: I think you’re looking at high efficiency condensate destroying the concrete, and depending on the pipe type below, perhaps the drain pipe.

That’s why these things should drop into a condensate pump, and go to the outside, where the right type of plants will be just fine with the extra water.

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