How toxic is furnace/boiler condensation?

Last week’s home had a condensation pump with a hole leaking fluid all ove the floor. I called a vendor out of the yellow pages who told me that condensation is mostly water and non-toxic.

Any comment on this?

What did it taste like?

Non-toxic like the guy said…whatever that tastes like??? :cool:

I’m pretty sure if you had some analyzed it would come back HOT for something.

We (bride and I) were pulling permits yesterday for one of her co. nature centers and the AHJ said, “The condensate now has to directly discharge into a trapped waste line.” No more “grandfathering” of the onto soils discharge, but they do allow secondary.

This may or may not be a clue, ya think?

From above site:

"Is the condensate from a high-efficiency furnace harmful to a septic system?
It’s unlikely that a healthy septic system will be affected by the water condensed from the flue gases of a high-efficiency furnace.

A 60,000-Btu furnace operating 50 percent of the time will produce about seven gallons of condensate a day. The condensate has a pH level of about four, which is about the same as a carbonated soft drink. However, furnace condensate is not safe to drink because of trace toxic chemicals it contains."

I believe the condensate is acidic, about the same alkinity of cola. That is why you sometimes see a tube on the condensate waste line, which contains a neutralizer, as not to corrode waste lines.

Yes and from the AC it is close to distilled water just add a little dust.

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Not toxic, but slighlt acidic. No worries, unless you are intimidated by Al Gore :mrgreen:

Hope this helps;

Ahh, 2 + 2= finally the answer 4

Condensate pan showing flow of condensate towards drain is rusted.
Coke soda spilled on metal/show rust
need for trap on condensate
indirect waste on condensate

All makes sense now. I think

Is the answer not good to drink?

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Put a penny in cola and check the penny several hours later.

I know, I collect coins. ha. ha. :slight_smile: :wink:

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Did you ever wonder what Cola does to the human stomach?

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I don’t think cola does anything as stomach acid is very very strong, about the same as sulphuric acid I believe.

BINGO !! Raymond, thank you very much, two answers in one.

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Yep, buch of good answers on the toxicity of condensation, I didn’t mena to slight anyone, thanks to all. I’d been trying to figure out the bulge in the condensation line for a high-efficiency boiler in that other thread and no one had commented. That was the second answer.

Well, to begin, water is pH 7.0- neutral, milk is acid …pH 6.5 to 6.7… Reverse osmosis water is pH 5 to 6…that is close the same category as furnace condensation…the typical condensing gas furnace will produce condensate the has a pH ranging from 3.5 (the same as orange juice) to 6.5, but is usually in the 5.0 area.