Is this scorching an issue?

Inside of this very neatly organized panel today, I found a scorch mark. It appears that something arched between the bus bar (is that the right term) and the back of the panel. There is a small nick in the copper bar. Is this enough of an issue to refer an electrician to review, or just document and move on?

Any thoughts?


Was there an outline of a body on the floor in front of the panel?

No. It was a high end home, though, they would have cleaned that up.

I would call it out. Anytime something like this is present I refer them to a licensed tradesman. What caused the arching? You don’t know, but you can make a GUESS…let someone else GUESS…I like to tell people lets get clarification about this from an electrician, this way when you go to sell the house we will have all the facts for the next home inspector.

High end does not mean quality…just means price!

Looks like someone with a screwdriver got a little careless.

Been there done that and no I would not call it out .
Roy Cooke

I have screwdrivers that are now awls.:shock::wink:

I wouldn’t worry about it too much either.

I’ve left a few “signatures” like that in my time–how else would anyone know it was my work??:wink: :wink:

Is it like a prison tatoo, then?:wink:

I agree with the latter others. That was an unfortunate mistake for the installer and NO, that nic will NOT affect the buss bar.

I would write up the neutrals and grounds sharing termination screws.


Thats how the electricians in the area do it.

Pretty crummy looking weld

Are all those exposed wires on either side of the box. If they are, they need to be protected.

Nice looking closeup photograph…care to share the settings on your camera and what type of camera that was?


Sounds like the Electricians need to read the NEC…:)…Call them all and tell them I will be in the area at the end of the month…lol…I will give them a lesson…thehehehehehehe

I agree…the NICK is simply careless activity…sad thing is I HATE the idea of a HUGE open BUSS Extentions like that…very dangerous to a service tech going in that panel…but alas no violation on that, I would not worry about the mild ARC…

Canon PowerShot A410 3.2 MegaPixels. I boought it at OfficeDepot more than a year ago. The picture size I use is M2, other than that. I just use the camera as auto unless the flash is too much, then I shut off the flash.

It has done a good job and been dropped more than it’s fair share of times.

I’ll let them know, good luck, and please post to tell us you got out OK.

lolololol…I will go down KICKIN fella…

I have to disagree. Do you really consider those cables “subject to physical damage”? I don’t.