Scorching on the main breaker

Found some scorching and other issues with a panel today. I’ve never seen it on the breaker itself but mainly on the wires. This is a 100 amp service. What’s the main cause of something like this? Also whoever wired this panel left a lot of sheathing on the wires way more than I’ve ever seen. Would you guys call this an unprofessional job in your report? Scorching is on the 100 amp main breaker Thanks for any help with this.

NO! Call out what you see. Don’t say anything that you cannot prove. Good eye.


That looks more to me like damage from arcing. I don’t know how it happened, but it looks like it blew the tip off of the main top buss lug.
Definitely needs to be called out and taken care of.

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A back-fed 100 amp breaker secured good and a knockout on top of the right breaker, etc,…sloppy

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Looks like someone hit the live bus stab with a conductor probably a bare EGC. It doesn’t appear that the stab is damaged from heat.


Agree on the arcing from a conductor hit.

Backfed hold down is already in place.


It looks like someone was being careless in the panel. If the breaker connection were loose, there would likely be discoloration on the stab. There is also a 1/12" KO lying on top of the breaker on the right.


+1 on a arc flash, from a conductor or similar. That K.O. sitting on top of that breaker is an HUGE safety hazard. IMHO. Booby trap waiting to be triggered.

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So Robert would you call this out as a serious issue?

Drew, I’m not Robert, but if you don’t call it out you may need your head examined. :flushed: :smile:


Lol I meant more as if it’s a serious issue currently. He said the stab doesnt appear damaged from heat. I’m going to make note of it I just want sure how to call it out. I’m fixing my reply to Robert

Oh, sorry Drew…LOL! LOL! :crazy_face:

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Looks like handyman/homeowner special or unprofessional work by an electrician.

There are at least several EGCs/Grounded conductors sharing the same terminal. (don’t tell the guy from ohio)

As far as the back-fed breaker, I would recommend its removal to inspect it and the busbar. I would let the electrician decide if it’s safe or not, because an electrician can easily decide it’s safe and throw you under the bus if you call it out as a defect.

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Thanks Simon I was having trouble wording it in my report. I use homehubzone and it forces you to either make something safety, major, moderate etc. I’m going to have to call it a safety concern but I’ll go into a little detail in the comments to explain it better.

I would Not like using that type of software. That would be a deal breaker for me.

Honestly the clients like it because it adds a color to each concern safety and major are red minor is green. I’ve gotten down report writing on this software to a science and now changing it would be like starting over from scratch. What program do you use.

Call it out. Let someone else decide if it is serious.

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