Is this severe?

Hello Everyone,

OK I have another question about Structure. I was doing an inspection for friends on their potential Condo. It is on the third floor. I noticed the floor in one hall slanted maybe an inch an a half to one side and the kitchen on the other side is slanted too, not as severe. Then when I went to the basement I discovered the brick wall in the same area sort of collapsed. I can see light coming through the wall. It is a wall that runs in the middle of the basement. The building is 101 years old and the door/door jams in the same area didn’t seem affected by it. The dining room though had a crack on the corner of the entry way that looked active.

Please email me for pictures. I can’t seem to attach any.

Any help would be appreciated,


I seems so, yes…

I suggest your friend hires a professional building inspector.

Thanks, Please see my other post of the same title for pictures. I didn’t realize I wasn’t logged in as a member.

Ozzy Muro