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home inspection photos?

yeah, all from the same house. built 1940. long vertical crack from bottom up to fascia, cracks in interior walls on same side of house, and wood floor coming appreciated

More info needed… is this a crawl, slab, basement…
If basement or crawl did you go in same and take pictures of the
areas in question… any moisture readings in those areas… did you go into the attic and where are the pictures… the more info you can provide the better answers you get.

You’ve got enough to refer a structural engineer. I’d like to see the attic and the condition of the rafters/ceiling joists. Was the exterior wall bulging? It appears to be, but hard to tell for sure from the photo angle.

Those are oversize floor boards anyway.

It is more of a concern to see the cracking going through the fascia like that.

No history on the home. Built in 1940 and no foundation repair to this point. Makes you wonder if full disclosure is taking place? I would call out an SE too. The ceiling to wall horizontal crack indicates an aweful lot of movement.

Recommend evaluation by Foundation Contractor…