Is this the main service disconnect for furnace?

Is this switch inside the furnace cabinet in a manufactured home considered to be the main service disconnect?

I would say no. It looks like the switch to operate the fan. There should be a switch on the wall to turn the power off.


I haven’t read the description regarding a main shut off for a furnace but see this all the time.
That rocker switch does shut off power for servicing furnace.
More often than not manufactured home furnaces are located in the same area as the electrical panel and there’s no need to look any further for a shut off switch.

A VENTILATION switch to operate the fan. Read the button. Fan OFF/ON. TURN SWITCH ON FOR FRESH AIR.
Disconnects are typically/usually/normally cartridge fused safety switches on a wall near the equipment or breakers mounted in a panel board.

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No, not for servicing the furnace.

@sfrakes The sub panel was not within sight, but there was a shutoff for the furnace in the sub panel. Your response to my question received a different answer than what 4 other inspectors said. I’m trying to contact someone at the customer service phone number for Nordyne to ask them. The manufacturer’s installation instructions did not provide much information about it. I appreciate your reply, Scott.

Thanks for the feedback, Larry.

There are three settings for this switch, not just an off and an on. The three settings are Fan, Off and On.

Thank you for your reply, Sean Croswell.

You’re welcome, Adam… :smile:

It is a rocker switch. Your point of 3 settings being what?

The fan is either at setting (1) On or setting (2) Off. TURN SWITCH ON FOR FRESH AIR. The only other setting for the rocker switch is OFF.
Any other ventilation setting would be an override from the furnace computer.

Getting back to the Threads Question. No. …It is not a disconnect.

I agree with Robert. Manufactured home furnaces should have a proper shut off switch. Although the fan switch will eventually shut the system down, it isn’t right.

We see many manufactured homes and typically the furnace is near a panel where the breaker suffices. However, sometimes the furnace is in a hallway nowhere near the panel and there is never a proper shut off switch installed.

I don’t call them out as improper when there isn’t a switch with the immediate area.

Doesn’t the switch have to be insight from the appliance?

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