Is this to low

Is this power line to low?


It is VERY hard to tell from the angle of that pic.
If the wire does not pass over the roof, and it has the proper ground clearance, it is not too low.

Thanks dude.

No prob.

Does it pass over any roof lines?

For the last 6’ approaching a mast the number is 18" above the roof if the drop goes out from a mast within 4" of the edge. (that allows some angling of the drop from straight out).
The picture from the handbook has been posted here a few times

Gary, here are 2 PDF’s that you may be able to refer to when in doubt. The first one deals directly with your question. The second just use it for future.


Service Drop Clearances.pdf (72.6 KB)

Service and Subpanels.pdf (57.7 KB)

The picture is totaly deceiving.:-({|=

thanks dude

This one is. It was somewhere around 7’ and passed directly over a patio. The service wires were almost touching the gutter.:shock: