Is this wiring aluminum or tin plated copper

I hope Im saying this correctly in by topic line, but Im needing to identify what type of wiring I have in this 1916 built home. Is the wiring aluminum or tinned cooper ? I had several small Square- D aka sub-panels on each floor of this 3 story house. AND The last picture is a MYSTERY, has anyone seen this before ?? I see the asbestos (See Pictures)DSCN2190 ![DSCN2192|640x480]DSCN2158 (upload://dvLitvWy41HwzCf5uy1Cp36ucnl.jpeg)(upload://vdPxbN0yYkoXgLWhlc31SoZSjR0.jpeg) DSCN2191 DSCN2203DSCN2204 DSCN2153

tinned copper

Tinned copper. Aluminum wire was not manufactured in cloth sheathing.

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What type of lighting is shown in last pic?

looks like low voltage lighting stuff from my office…all of that stuff is old enough to refer to a qualified electrician for replacement cost estimates in my opinion.


The last picture was in the attic, but it had no power on it ??

Last pic looks like a bank of fluorescent light ballasts and starters. I’ve never seen a setup like that before.


Looks like fluorescent ballasts to me as well. I would definitely suggest replacement of the entire system due to its apparent age. Tinned copper for certain. Too old for aluminum.



Aluminum conductor sheathing looks more like a plastic wire jacket. :smile:

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Chances are those ballasts contain PCB’s. I would recommend in my report that they be removed and properly disposed of. Most states will not allow you to throw them in the trash.


This is the correct answer.

Due to age and condition of wiring, I recommend a licensed electrician to further evaluate and repair/replace as needed. Done… next inspection.

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Mike, don’t you agree that the are other ways to report the defect?

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It is not low Voltage.

Exactly as George said. Those are old 110v ballasts

They are ballasts and starters.

On electrical knowledge, and probably everything else, George Wells, CMI stands head and shoulders above the clueless troll. :smirk:


Didn’t say ‘how’ to report it. Just giving an answer to the question.