Single Strand Aluminum wiring

our inspector found single strand aluminum wiring in the 1st floor breaker box. There is another box in the basement. I took a good picture of the box with the cover off, and sure enough I can even see the non copper connections alongside copper ones. Since it was mentioned on the report that a certified Electrician should inspect the box, and it was’t done, we did not sign off on the final walk-through. As buyers, what should we do about this? I also read that not all certified electricians are qualified to inspect aluminum wiring. We are scheduled for the signing next week.

I would have an electrician Check the house wiring and give you his opinion on condition and what if any repairs should be done.

You didn’t mention the age of the home. It may not be aluminum, but tinned copper. Have a **Licensed Electrician **evaluate and advise/repair as necessary.

Just as bad IMO. In FL, you may have trouble getting insurance with either one.

What exactly is wrong with Tinned Copper?

Cloth covered wiring is not insurable in FL.

again…the question was what is wrong with Tinned Copper? is still made today. So if I provided thermoplastic insulated, tinned copper it would not be accepted.

Interesting article for you

I was not talking about modern tinned copper. Of course it’s fine. I use it on my boat. I was referring to circa 1940-50’s cloth covered wiring with rubber insulation and tinned copper conductors. I see this stuff still in the walls on a regular basis. I think you know what happens to that stuff after 50 or 60 years.

Well, maybe Paul knows, so how about sharing with the rest of us?