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Hi, I just installed a island range hood here in jersey and was wondering if what code to follow with clearances from the stove top. I installed what the homeowner purchased and is 30" at this time.
MR Jones (hvac)

What did the manufactures installation instruction tell you to put it at?

the instruction sheet only showed basic hardware installation. the homeowner will research this with the mfg. The homeowner is all so the qc on this site. I assumed he did the homework and ordered the premade steel drop for the proper height but is now wondering if it should be higher up.

Manufacturers instructions should be followed and when not available it might be necessary to research on the internet. In anycase, the min. height installation should be a min. of 24" off the range and not more than 32".
Here is an example.

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homeowner checked with mfg. and 30" is ok.
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This microwave/range hood unit was mounted a little too close to the stove.:roll:


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the homeowner needs to check with the range mfg. not the range hood because it is the requirements of the range that dictate at what level the hood is at 30 or 36" above range. for instance almost every viking rangetop requires min. 36" even though the range hood is approved for 30 or 36 it is determined by the output of the range. it is extremely important to get the right height because i have seen grease fires start in the hood itself when they were to close.

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the measurement was with out the counter top yet in place so this would bring us under 30". so he is dealing with the Mfg. to see about a smaller steel drop. I thnk 36 " is what he is shooting for.

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Appears we have switched to microwaves undercabinets.


As one can see, it is best to make sure that the Manufactures recommend heights are followed due to the varying differences in mounting heights.

Microwaves undercounter;

On standard cabinets, the upper cabinet is typically 13" high and the microwaves are about 16" +or-.

Bottom of upper cabinets in this PDF is approx. 18" off the countertop.

Hope this helps.

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