Island sink venting question

Okay, here’s a slow pitch right across the plate for most of you, but is this a legit way to vent an island sink? And, there is no AAV.

Thanks ahead of time.

Wait 015.jpg

ha ha ha Looks like a ‘circular logic’ drain.


an Island sink needs to be vented to open air using a bar loop or an AAV.


there also needs to be a clean out on the vent on the vent line in the wall above the floor.

What you have is an attempt at a return vent.

The ones I see are at least plumbed as depicted not with 90s nor looped in the cabinet space. Can’t see what else may be going on downstream.

here is a good link although a clean out needs to be added on the vent in the wall, like previous post shows.

The vent that you are showing is what the plumbers in this state refer to as a loop vent for an island sink and I see a lot of them installed this way but yours appears to be somewhat sloppy but legal.