Janitrol age please

Guys i dont see this in prestons, help appreciated with this oldie!


Mod# fac 106-14k v835
SER# 0845862

Thx in advance

Is it a boiler or furnace?

Janitrol HVAC was bought by Clare brothers in 1977 and their codes appear to have the year on the 3rd and 4th digits of the serial number.

That would make that unit manufactured in 1945.

It can’t be so.

Call them at (416) 244-5586

natural gas furnace and it could be possibly as the house was built in 1939

The seven-digit numbers usually start with a letter – so I believe your zero is actually the letter O – and use the second and third digits as the year. Thus, I believe you have a 1984 unit.

Russell , I was hoping you’d chime in, thx! I am thinking its much older than that the inf tag is metal and stamped in, no ANSI year or designation and lots of miles. I should have took a photo of the tag to show you , Id be shocked if it is a 1984 but at any rate even if it is its still “past expected lifespan” which is what we reported.

Thanks and how have you been?

I have lots of stamped metal, all the way up to 1998. It’s not the type of tag, it’s the type of serial number. That’s always why I believe your zero is the letter O. Many companies made no stylistic difference between the number and the zero, which is why many companies didn’t use the letter O. After all, there are 26 letters but only 10 numbers. So doing without some letters (I, O, Q) still left them with 23 letters and 10 numbers.

Serial Numbers Patern Not verified E.g. 516311796 =1963 , 046432596 = 1964 ,J53 = 1953 Bought by Clare Brothers in 1977 and Since September 1996 handled by Davie Environmenatl (416)244-5586 or (Canada only) 1-800-663-0084

That’s why I have a massive database of numbers, to try to establish patterns. I’ve been collecting them since around October 1978. Eventually I might publish a Preston’s. Nope. That’s taken. Perhaps a Technical Reference Guide. Nope. That’s taken, too. How about “Wacki Wicki Serial Number Coding”?