January 9, 2017 update: ASHI loses to InterNACHI in court again.

For a second time, ASHI went to court to try to unwind InterNACHI’s takeover of NAHI. And for a second time, ASHI lost.

See the January 9, 2017 court order denying ASHI’s motion again: www.nachi.org/nahi

very nice

Who is ASHI?? :wink:

Does anyone think they are finished spending their member’s money on useless lawsuits? Not exactly sure what they thought they were going to gain.

ASHI sure doesn’t spend it on membership benefits: www.joinhomeinspectionassociation.com

And now for some ASHI humor: https://www.nachi.org/two-guys-in-a-bar.htm

Whats ASHI ? Don’t smokers put their cigarettes in an ashi tray ?


Yeah they have more time to drink than us.

Good news