InterNACHI taking ASHI one step away from the Supreme Court to ban them from promoting their unqualified members

After a 4-year court battle, InterNACHI recently succeeded in defeating scumbag ASHI again: This was the eighth legal victory in a row against ASHI.

Despite InterNACHI being very pleased to have prevailed in that court case, we have decided to take the unusual step of filing an appeal over one issue. We have taken ASHI to the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals (one step away from the U.S. Supreme Court) in an effort to permanently ban ASHI from misleading consumers and tricking them into using their unqualified members. More information about banning ASHI permanently is here. It’s an interesting read (PDF download).

We hope to stop ASHI, once and for all, from ever promoting their unqualified, uncertified, non-inspectors to anyone, again.

Considering all the harm ASHI has done to consumers, children, and the profession, we sincerely urge ASHI’s leadership to do the right thing and dissolve their organization for the good of the inspection industry and the public that we serve and protect.


Nick, you know that day will not happen anytime soon.

That’s what some said when I predicted I’d succeed at forcing them to scrub their long-time tagline from all their marketing materials and website. They were wrong too.

I just keep winning.

I wonder what it feels like to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of other people’s money, only to keep coming away with losses? How does their board even show their faces to their members? Almost no member benefits, huge legal bills, never a win in court.


Here is their disgusting former President who lost all their money in court against me:

Uh, no you won’t Mr. Wagner. You’re sleazy org is broke. And apparently what little money scumbag aSHI had left, you spent on lunch meetings. :wink: