Japan before and after from satellite

Slide the middle line left and right to view .http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2011/03/13/world/asia/satellite-photos-japan-before-and-after-tsunami.html


Yes, water is the most destructive force on earth

Here is even a better site. A number of before / after photos.


Spoken like a true Home Inspector.

Most of my wifes family has been accounted for. She still has a few family members that cannot be reached.

It is amazing.

My thoughts and prayers to ALL that are affected by this terrible event

that is horrible…but the pictures are incredible…

kinda felt like I was playing SimCity 2000 again and forgot to turn of the Natural Disaster feature… :frowning:

sad thing is, those are real neighborhoods, real people, real buildings…real everything… looks almost surreal…

Thoughts and prayers with everyone…