Jerry Kelly

Ok so recently Jerry Kelly called us wanting to schedule a “free service call” from work we had done in the summer. We were suppose to call and schedule it but i guess we didnt do that fast enough for them and they called us to do it.

So anyways they came and found that our furnace was putting out a 1% (maybe ppm?) carbon monoxide and that BY LAW we could not run it anymore and that we needed a new one. I looked up online and it said that people smoking cigarrettes in the house can put it up to 10 ppm and have seen nothing about any legal issues concerning CO output.

I was just wondering if this seemed right to anyone.

Who is Jerry Kelly, and what was his profession?
Not enough information to tell what your’e talking about…:frowning:

The system should not be “putting out” any carbon monoxide, but I’d be suspect of anyone who “forced” their way into my home, and told me I need to purchase a new furnace from them.

Get a second opinion from a reputable HVAC contractor.

Jerry Kelly is an HVAC company. They said that our furnace was putting out 1% carbon monoxide when it was running. They said it was too high legally and they shut it down and undid the connections and everything. Therefore we couldnt have anyone else come look at it.

Is there such thing as a legal output level?

This just really doesnt seem right

Need more info,

type of furnace
age of furnace
where did they take readings from

However, even with this info it is hard to second guess
since none of us were there.


If some MF’er disconnected my furnace, he’d be limping out the door, if he made it out at all.

Is the furnace still in your house? If so, have it checked out by another company.

If the unit has already been changed out, you’re pretty much SOL. You will likely have very little recourse.

That guy was pulling on your strings…around here he gets arrested for that sort of fraudulent crap.

The thing is that its a really big company and its not just some random *** dude.

So is there no legal limit on the amount of carbon monoxide that can be put out by your furnace?

Oh and they took our old furnace with them.

So did we pretty much get screwed? And if so is there anything we can do?

Gerry (Gerald) Kelly calls me all the time, do what I do, ignore him. :twisted:


You have read this whole thread Linas, and NOW you are getting to the WTF part??? :wink:

Who cares??? :p:p:twisted::twisted:

You haven’t given enough information in your posts, but there is no “legal” limit, only “acceptable” and “unacceptable” limits.

Gas-fired furnaces produce high levels of carbon monoxide which are carried out by the vent system, but again, there should be no carbon monoxide in the distribution of the system unless there is a problem with the unit - such as a cracked heat exchange or leaks in the intake/return air compartment.

Place a call to your City/County Building and Safety Department. There may be some local regulations that I’m unaware of. After you find out that you’ve been hosed, contact an attorney.

We both would be going to the doctor to get my foot out of his A!!

A gas cook stove puts off more CO than that I would get me an attorney and stick the OSHA standards for exceptable CO levels in one of his places where the sun does not shine. What a load of crap

took your furnace?

Jerry kelly is a company around here. They have a great reputation so i do not think the company did any thing wrong on this.

If your furnace was emitting 1% CO you would be dead, birds would fall out of the sky. CO is measured in PPM, parts per million, 1% of a million is 10,000. OSHA puts a limit on workplace CO exposure at 50 PPM for 8 hours, anything over 10 or 15 inside a house is unacceptable. 1 PPM is random background measurement and could also be an instrument error ie same as nothing. My 2014 Toyota Tacoma emits about 15 PPM CO at the exhaust pipe when it is warmed up, the city diesel powered garbage truck that stopped behind my house emitted about 35. :slight_smile: