Joe...You will love this one

Found this yesterday within ten minutes of starting and just knew it was going to be fun.
These are the service lines to the ac unit.




:shock: What the … I mean why the … unfreakinbelievable

Lemme guess, when the RE agent saw you writing and snapping photos feverishly they blurted out “But It’s been that way for years” :roll:

What gauge was the wire, Mark.

I agree. This is what HIs call, technicly, “UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE”.\

The Realtor probably realized that the A/C didn’t work, during the listing look, and recommended her brother-in-law. “He’s a handyman. He will know what to do.”

I would DEMAND to know who did this, just so I could explain. Otherwise I would feel like I am letting a potential serial killer run loose!

Could those two wires, that are tapped to the AC disconnect lugs, be for something in the basement? It looks like there is an EMT “Thinwall” tubing and LFMC “Sealtight” below the disconnect.

I too would be interested in who did this, maybe it was the homeowner or the guy living in the cardboard box house under the tree on the next block!

At first glance I thought the same thing. They were indeed the service wires to the disconnect. The basement was finished so I think what happened was the ac unit was changed out, and since the walls were finished they just did it this way. The breaker size was a 20 amp with 10 AWG wires. The EMT that you see under the disconnect was empty.

The other picture is a j-box with live wires oh just about 6’ off of the garage floor.:shock: