Join me in welcoming inspector lawyer Joseph Denneler to InterNACHI's Legal Team.

PRESS RELEASE: InterNACHI® Adds Joseph Denneler, Esq., to Its Legal Team - InterNACHI

Welcome Joe.

Congratulations Joe welcome aboard … Roy Cooke .

PRESS RELEASE: InterNACHI® Adds Joseph Denneler, Esq., to Its Legal Team


InterNACHI® Adds Joseph Denneler, Esq., to Its Legal Team

Very nice Nick.
Do I have to purchase a Claims Assist package for service?
I want to be sure I understand. Thank you! :slight_smile:

It looks like it, and it’s not cheap.

Nope. He is here to help members for free as part of our Legal Team.

How do members find him .

Thanks. That’s what the PR said but when I visited the site there was a fee. All is good. :slight_smile:

Wait till you all see what I’m putting together for InterNACHI members. A killer legal team with all the best resources. Nothing like it in any other industry.

Welcome aboard Joseph.

Awesome. Welcome Joe.

Great start Nick :slight_smile: and welcome Joe.

Is Joe competent in Air Quality, mold, radon etc… ?


He’s been working in the inspection industry for decades. He knows a lot about a lot.

EliteMGA and InterNACHI combined forces to roll out an exclusive insurance program for all members across the US. One of the biggest benefits is Denneler’s “ClaimsAssist” service being free if you’re insured through this new program. So no need to worry if you have a disgruntled client or get a nasty letter from a lawyer looking to shake you down. Joe has your back.

In addition to the ClaimsAssist, we’re offering a vanishing deductible and a FREE 2 year tail policy assuming you meet the criteria. I highly recommend filling out an application at Home - InterNACHI Insurance Powered by EliteMGA.

Or contact me directly if you have any questions. 302-690-9839 or

Do what Ben Garrison recommends.

Do members Have to be using nachi’s elite insurance, ? or is he available to all nachi inspectors regardless of their insurance ?


So I spend/waste five minutes filling out application and uploading documents only to get this message at the end. “Oops Your Session has Expired. Please Refresh and Try Again”

I don’t know what to tell you. We’ve not had any issues receiving applications through the website from many members. If you want to call me so I can do an application over the phone, that’s fine. 302-690-9839.

Welcome onboard Joe!

Jim - general questions are fine I’m sure but there are two ways to really harness Joe’s expertise… first, you can procure insurance through the exclusive program we just rolled out for InterNACHI members where Joe’s “ClaimsAssist” program is included at no charge. Or you can pay the monthly/annual subscription fee for ClaimsAssist independent of the insurance.