Join me in wishing Florida CMI® Roy Lewis a happy birthday. Member for 8 years

Happy Birthday, Roy!

Nice website:

Happy Birthday Roy

Thanks Stephen.

Happy birthday Roy.

Thanks Nick!

Happy Birthday Roy!!!..many more!

Happy Birthday Roy!

Happy Birthday, Roy!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Mr. Lewis!

Happy Birthday, Roy! :smiley:

Thank you guys. You guys are the best. I love each and everyone of you.

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Happy Birthday, Roy. Have a couple of drinks on me!

Happy Birthday, Roy!

Hope you enjoy your ‘Party Favor’! :wink:

Happy birthday, Roy. Enjoy your day!

Happy Birthday Roy!

This needs to be saved. LOL! :cowboy_hat_face: :joy:

But, don’t worry, I won’t say anything, Sir Roy.

What are you going to say inspector Larry?
Carve this in stone. I really love you guys with your friendship that you’ve always showed me.
I truly appreciate all y’all guys.

When we would talk on the phone and I would say that is really kind of you, or some such, you would tell me not to let that out. It would ruin your reputation.

I luv you Sir Roy! All is good! :smile: