Join me in wishing Florida member Blaine Wiley happy birthday. Member for 13 years.

Happy birthday Blaine.

Happy Birthday Blaine!!!

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Blaine!!

That’s a name I haven’t heard of in sometime.

Happy Birthday, Blaine! I hope you enjoy many more. :slight_smile:


At the 1st convention in Orlando at Disney back in ~'04, Blaine stopped my wife and me from entering one of the halls Nachi was using. The guard dog had to see our ID…:p:mrgreen::smiley:

Blaine . Have a great birthday… Roy C.

I sure miss your posts been a while since we have heard from you .
Be Great if you post and tell us all how you are doing .
Below is Blain’s last NACHI post . -

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Re: New Statefarm required four point form
Mueller services is listed in a handout that the State Farm agents give to their clients as the provider for these inspections. Mueller services is charging $55 to perform them. The handout says that the owner may find their own inspector, however the price may be higher.

From New Statefarm required four point form - Page 3 - InterNACHI Inspection Forum](

Happy Birthday Blaine!

Happy Birthday Blaine!

It’s been a few years.

Happy Birthday Blaine.

Have a Great Day! :smiley: