Joist hanger holding up beam

Would it be acceptable for a tin roof beam/rafter be supported with just a joist hanger ? DSCN6893 DSCN6894 DSCN6896

It wouldn’t fly around here, especially with a paint job like that. LOL!

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Yes! It is fine, but remember that will be the first to go on a hard wind storm…

That ACM should hold it. LOL

It’ll probably go if a hefty guy exhales the smoke of a fine cigar while underneath that contraption of a roof/beam connection. LOL!

Only is the nails are long enough and they penetrate a stud which goes to the floor. Nailing through siding material (is that old asbestos siding) or fiber cement into who knows what kind of sheathing and who knows if there is even one stud at that location to nail into. Unless it’s the kind of hanger that lops over the top plate (which I doubt)…I would say it’s best to add a post.

To answer that question you need the beam load at that end, the hanger capacity and what’s behind the wall the bracket is attached to. Then follow the load path down to the ground. The overall capacity is the weakest link in that load path.

Not good, chances of a stud being located in that postion are very slim probably nailed through the asbestos siding into 1x sheeting. Needs follow-up.

Randy has the correct answer, so the question is what, if anything, should a HI say about this?
I think a HI should report something like, “Beam attachment to wall for deck cover may not be adequate for high winds (or snow load around here) and should be evaluated by a structural engineer.”

You don’t need an engineer to say that the connection in the OP is wrong.

You can see the structural downspout carrying part of the roof load near that hanger. The downspout is even stabilized by attaching it to the handrail, cutting its span. You guys are real DEAL KILLERS!

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