Porch Roof Concern

Installer nailed roof deck to header instead of using joist hangers. My two biggest concerns are that they used nails only for a porch roof that’s about 30’ long and the quality of the nailing itself.

Forgot the pic…


Has the rafter pulled away that amount or is that how it was installed? The nails aren’t really doing much are they? :shock:

Without seeing a bigger picture, joist hangers at least.

Erol, I am with Larry on this one that joist hanger would be the minimum that should of been supplied and a bigger picture would help.

It appears that there is a possibility it was built that way too, seeing that the roof decking is not pulled away from the ledger by the same amount.


How is the ledger board attached?

It appears the wall is faux brick, is that the fact?

Need more info.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Ledger is bolted to wall and yes Marcel, red faux brick. I do not know if nails are pulling away from the ledger or whether they were installed this way. Not a single joist hanger exists. Suspect nailing is what is supporting porch roof. I’ve attached the pics that I have including load bearing posts twisted and bending, and a sagging porch that lacks support.






Erol, that whole mess I see in those pictures is in a dangerous state.

Would recommend immediate action for repairs for the safety of the occupants.

Marcel :slight_smile:

I would send them a link to Simpson strong ties.


Erol, I would also right up the electrical as I could see a small child reaching out with their hand or perhaps something else and come into contact with the service entry.

I noticed the same thing Peter.

Nice to see you join us.

Hope you been fine and well.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

That looks like the rear of the Coldwell-Banker building. I’m glad I passed on that one. Hope you stopped across the street at Uncle Richie’s Tavern for a bloody mary after the inspection. They have the best around.:wink:

That decking is a safety hazard in need of immediate repair/replacement. Aside from Erol’s observations, look how rotten some members are…dangerous. :shock:

You guys are the best, thank you. I suppose I’ve been fortunate that I’ve never had a porch inspection before. :shock: Yes Linas, this is the one. Thanks for the referral. :twisted: Not including the porch I’ve already found about $80,000 in repairs. :smiley: It was strange inspecting a real estate office/vintage building. As expected, I would have been treated nicer by a cardboard merchandiser at Walmart than by some of the attendees. :wink:

Think of all the referrals you’ll get from them.:stuck_out_tongue:

Agents never call me but I’ve never had an unhappy client. Funny how that works eh?

Did I mention the temporary lally jacks supporting a floor where most of the floor joists are cracked, wet, ravaged by termites and barely supported in the pockets? :shock: